1. Do I have to go home? (at Tahoe Vista Recreational Area)

  2. Bass Lake 2013. from Ed Anolin on Vimeo.

    Annual camping trip in Bass Lake, CA, in the Sierra Nevada north of Oakhurst.

  3. Bass Lake 2013, pt. 1: Mahjong from Ed Anolin on Vimeo.

    I’m going to upload the Bass Lake 2013 video in chunks. Here’s the first part, featuring Dixon and Scott’s delightful hosting of mahjong lessons for all.

    "Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy" by Cinderella.
    Available on iTunes here: itunes.apple.com/fr/album/cinderella-vicor-40th-anniv/id415293481?l=en#

  4. GoPro Slow Motion Test Clip. from Ed Anolin on Vimeo.

    Alan does the cliff jump at Skinny Dip swimming hole near Bass Lake, CA.


  5. Dead Yarns Walking.

    I’m participating in Use It or Lose It 2013 over on the Stash and Burn Ravelry group.  You can get the lowdown here.

    I’ve only been knitting for just over three years now, and already I’m complaining about the size of my stash.  (Some of you will laugh because it’s actually not a whole lot of yarn, you can see it here if you’re curious.)  I bought a ton of yarn on ebay and at a Super Bowl sale at my LYS in my first year of knitting, mostly because I saw everyone else stashing yarn against the apocalypse and thought I should too.  The problem I have with the stash is that it gives me too many options.  I have a hard time making decisions and so when it comes time to knit something I avoid the stash and just buy something new. 

    It would be nice to actually use a ton of yarn that I’ve had on my mind and in my stash for a while.  Once I see them in final form I can stop thinking about them and start thinking about the next thing.

    I honestly don’t see myself accumulating this much excess yarn ever again. 

    Since I’m starting the January project a little late, I’m giving myself a break and doing an easy hat to use up a single skein of Colinette Point 5 that’s overstayed its welcome.  (Using that skein will actually free up a disproportionately large space in the stash by volume.)  As for the rest of the year, it would be helpful to me to decide right now which yarns need to be given one last chance at rehabilitation.  In 2013, I will only be knitting yarn from this list.  I will only buy yarn if it helps complete a project using a listed yarn, or if it’s needed for a gift that I need to make immediately, and then only if I’ve honestly considered all of the yarns in my stash first.


    So here is a list of yarns threatened with destashing.  Consider this my personal Death Row.  


    1. All of my short balls of acrylic/mostly acrylic blends.  Some of these are the first yarns I ever bought when I started knitting three years ago.  Most of it was bought for kids projects, but I think I’m going to use superwash wools and wool blends going forward.  If I don’t use it this year, I’m getting rid of it.



    2. Two skeins of recycled olive green wool, unknown amount.  I thought buying this thrift sweater for the yarn was a good idea.  Re-thinking.



    3. Tahki Lana (Old Version) - 903 yds of bulky, scratchy wool.  I think this wants to be the Estes Vest.  And why not, Stephen West made one.



    4. Araucania Nature Wool Chunky -  655 yds of bulky wool.  Hmm.  Still don’t know what this is destined to be.  Maybe someone else does.



    5. Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed - 672 yds of tweedy black wool.  Just added about 300 more yds of a matching no-brand Donegal Aran Tweed.  This is going to be a Dr. G’s Memory Vest for my Dad, Christmas 2013.



    6. Berocco Peruvia - 348 yds in Prairie Dog.  The color has so many personal connotations that it could only be for me.  Dashing mitts?


    Schaefer Nancy

    7. Schaefer Nancy - One 600-yd skein.  Thought I’d be more inspired to make something out of this than I have been.  Turns out I’m very particular about the way thick-and-thin yarn is used…the simpler the stitch, the better.  Will I find the right pattern in time…?



    8. One skein - 54 yds - of Colinette Point 5.  This is going to be the Meathead Hat.  I’m trying to make the January deadline but I’m still waiting for needles to come in the mail.



    9. Knit One Crochet Too Wick - 240 yds.  So what-was-I-thinking.



    10. Fibre Company Acadia - 1305 yds, all gorgeous.  It’s a shame to put this on here, but it’s equally shameful that I haven’t knitted this.  I’m not worried about this one, it will be done…I already know what it will be.



    11. Dawn Sayelle Ombre - 400 yds.  This one might be hopeless.  I wouldn’t flinch if I had to play this card to save one of the other yarns.



    12. Classic Elite Duchess/Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky - A total of 580 yds in various colors.  I bought this to make my brother the Reversible Herringbone Scarf, which I love, but his wife warned me against these colors after I had already bought them.  (You could say they are beyond his color space.)  So now this will have to be someone more adventurous.  That would be me, thanks.



    13. Red Heart Super Saver Solids - 364 purple yds.  If this giant ball wasn’t given to me as a gift, I would have used it to demonstrate the flammability of acrylic a looooong time ago.  You know how they say it’s always a good idea to give a knitter yarn, because they always want more yarn?  Not this yarn.



    Last night I bagged each yarn separately and tagged each one with the month it will need to be used.  These yarns have been separated from the rest of my stash and placed in a cabinet that’s more easily accessed from my knitting chair. There, they await their fate.  May the odds be ever in their favor.

  6. Happy Birthday, Eric! from Ed Anolin on Vimeo.

    We get snow, you get California sunshine.


  7. "The more you let go, the more you have to let go. The more practice we do, the more incendiary our lives become, the more the karma of our lives speeds up, and situations that a few years ago in our lives we could’ve just cruised through—some self-deception, some little attempt to manipulate someone else, some retraction, some unwillingness to engage a situation—all of a sudden it doesn’t work anymore. And it not only doesn’t work, it’s like detonating a nuclear bomb in your face. And you don’t have any choice, you change."
    — Reggie Ray, “The Student-Teacher Relationship”
  8. The Griswolds? from Ed Anolin on Vimeo.

    We saw the Griswolds whiile driving back from Vegas.

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